A monster calls

Connor O' Malley is a teenager with many problems: His mother has cancer, his parents are divorced, two bullies hit them at the school... Also, he has to live with his grandmother because his mother is too weak, but she isn't very friendly.

He tries to accept all this imagining a monster who is a yew (=tejo) that Connor sees from his window. The monster tells him three stories to explain him that not always there is a bad and a good character, sometimes we prejudice the people and nothing is what it seems.

The fourth story will have to tell Connor to the monster, it was thw nightmare that he suffers every night, that his mother dies and he can't do anything.

I recommend it because it's very nice and you'll cry if you go to the cinema.
I like it and I learnt very important things, like what is like to lose a mother and the importance of the imagination in our lives.


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